Time Travel UK

Time Travel UK

Time travel is another client of ours which is focused on getting more customers to hire their luxurious traveling services. The demand was to bring in more consumers and at least double the revenue so that company can increase in scale and magnitude.


The biggest challenge which we faced was to attract more customers from the United Kingdom.


We again thought of running multiple campaigns using our Pay Per Click services. The aim was to target a wide range of customers in the UK and to ensure that the website received maximum clicks.
Claritas est etiam processus dynamicus, qui sequitur.


The campaign which we spread across the entire internet helped us to receive fruitful outcomes through Google Adwords and Microsoft Bing. Since we were at the disposal of people through search and display, it wasn’t hard to generate the required revenue.
CTR – 12
CPA – 50%
ROI – 350%

From The Client

“We have been going back and forth with the company to present the kind of requirements our business proposes. They were not only accommodating to our wishes but also fulfilled them, proving to us that they are the best in the field.”