University of South Asia, Lahore

University of South Asia, Lahore

Within a few years, the University of South Asia has made a strong name for itself in the education sector. They wanted to utilize the power of different social media outlets, especially Facebook, to attract young students and bring in more revenue for the institution.

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The challenge presented to us was to ensure the enrollment of 1000 students in their undergraduate program.


We targeted the 200,000 students graduating from high school on Facebook and showed them the potential of this university. The idea was to get more inbound calls so that the staff can also present a bright picture of the university to the students and promise them a thriving future.
Claritas est etiam processus dynamicus, qui sequitur.


We did manage to get more than 100 inbound calls on a daily basis and the target number of enrollments was also achieved. This was because of the university’s strong presence on Facebook where complete details were provided to the students.
Enrollments – 1000
Revenue – 800,000 x 1000
Total Inbound Calls – 2000

From The Client

“Not only did we get maximum enrollments in our undergraduate program but we also saw the interest of students in other programs. Strong social media presence actually helped us in improving the university’s image in front of the parents and the students.”